Hard Workin’ Willie and the Salary Slaves

ACE Campaign 2014


Broken schools, n’ broken dreams

You rent forever, and the landlord’s mean,

Broken student, so deep in debt,

Worried all the time like you’re swimmin’ in a net

People see the bankers

Gettin’ big and fat

People have awoken… they see everything is broken.


Broken highways, broken hope

Broken nation, broken by the dopes

Broken forest where birds can’t sing

People stopped believin’ in everything

Aint it all helpless

Aint it all hopeless

Big Money bought off Washington … now everything is broken.


U.S.Congress is a big freakin flop,

There’s a flood of Dark Money… better get the mop


Broken river, broken heart

Broken mountain, broken all apart

Broken sky and frackin’ bad air,

Cuzz people got no power like the millionaires

Aint it a pity

There’s a broken down city

And look at the ocean… so black and blue and broken.


We gotta broken Congress, a big freakin flop,

Dark Money’s floodin’ higher, better get the mop


No job, no future… don’t you hear?

This party’s dyin’, we’re running out of beer

Wall Street won, now they’re writin’ all the laws,

Main Street is broken cuzz they got us in their paws

This country’s chokin’,

This country’s broken

This country’s crackin,

Uncle Sam is croakin

(Fade out)

Democracy is broken

Congress is broken